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A Kathryn Kay Poetry Collection

Covering important topics such as the value of womanhood, life after death, and the purpose of affliction, Kathryn Kay deftly and powerfully conveys meaningful poems to uplift and touch the soul.


This heart-warming collection can help encourage friends and inspire those in need.

Thine is my Strength

Give me the strength to bear this pain
if it is thy decree I must;
nor let this lesson be in vain.
Thou knowest that in Thee I trust.
I do not ask that I be spared
if pain is part of living’s plan.
I know that Thou hast always cared
about the joy that comes to man.
And if man is that he hath joy
how can he ever dare complain
if there are moments which destroy
his pleasure. Joy is bought with pain.
let me remember in this hour
This is my strength, Thine is my power.


Family Address Book with Birthday Reminders

This Family Address Book keeps track of important family dates and contact information by using a powerful program like Microsoft Access -- all for free.

This contact management system allows you to
Add, search, and update family information  
Print a phone list including current ages, names, and birth dates (optional to show adult ages)
Print a list of upcoming birthdays and anniversaries showing age and anniversary number
Export these dates as events for your calendar program in either iCal or Outlook CSV format
Print address labels
Create custom reports
Import data from CSV  
Export data to Outlook CSV

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